Small and medium-sized enterprises updates

A faster route is available for the collection of debts up to 10,000. The abbreviated route allows for the submission of claims in a friendly manner, and the debt-claim will be administered by the authority of enforcement and collection for 8 months. This will help save on fees of attorneys and managerial inputs in the management of debt-claims.

The Ministry of Economy recently started a new program of grants for marketing activities overseas of small and medium enterprises. Grants are available for up to 50% of expenses (up to 500,000) for overseas marketing programs (participation in exhibitions, producing brochures, etc.).

The Department of Small and Medium Enterprises currently operates a grants program to develop design-intensive products. The program includes assistance of up to 60% of the investment (up to 200 thousand shekels) in a project for development of new products, upgrading existing products and developing new packaging.

Also available to small and medium enterprises is the possibility to analyse a company's financial behavior.

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