Fraud in International Trade

A seminar on "The risks of fraud in international trade" will be held on  16th September in Tel Aviv. Entrance is free.

The purpose of the seminar is to identify the pattern of crooks and how to take precautions to avoid being a victim of fraud.

The seminar will cover the extent of fraud and its impact on  industry in Israel

Subjects covered will be:

The Common risks of exporting to and  importing from the Chinese market
How to recognize and deal with a real time problem.
Proactive steps to correct  a problem.
The story of a victim of fraud who fought back and won.

With the increase in the volume of trade with developing countries cases of fraud are increasing.
There will be discussion about Israeli and other companies victimized.

The extent of damage caused by these acts is enormous
and may disrupt production processes and cause complications for  the victims of the fraud.
Most cases occur with companies operating in
developing areas of  East Asia, but these scams
also occur in developed western countries.

It is usually very difficult to repair the damage after the deception
has taken place and therefore it is important to expand the awareness of the problem and ways to deal with it in a timely manner.

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