The Delicate Balance

A young Israeli girl asked a BBC cameraman why he is not filming what is happening in Israel. He said that his job is to film what the world wants to see and that no one is interested in what is happening in Israel.

The words on this page are no match for the BBC photos from Gaza. If only the BBC cameraman who was on his way to Gaza had stopped to film the grief and carnage leveled on Israel, the world may have taken a different view.

So what is actually happening in Israel?

The world's media is stirring up the world population and especially the 1.3 billion Muslims against the 13 millions Jews in the world. 6 million Jews live in Israel and the remaining 7 million live mainly in North America and Europe.

For the past three weeks the whole of Israel has been bombarded by thousands of rockets, which have sent 6 million of Israel's 8 million inhabitants running for cover while trying to avoid being cut to pieces by Hamas rockets or artillery fire.

Just to put things into proportion, Israel is about the same size as Metropolitan Paris except that Paris has a bigger population than Israel.

Five million of Israel's 8 million people live in the central area and the international airport is also there. Central Israel is about the same size as some of the western neighborhoods of Paris.

This is the first time that nearly the whole of Israel has come under rocket attack. The new Israeli technology has been largely successful in destroying most of the incoming rockets, but some have succeeded in penetrating those defenses causing widespread damage, injury and death. More than a thousand people have been injured and a growing number killed in Israel. Hundreds of thousands have been mentally traumatized by the constant running for cover to avoid been blown to pieces.

The economy has come to a standstill in most areas of the country. The International airport has been periodically closed down due to rockets landing near the landing strips. Air Canada had a narrow miss when it was ordered to make an immediate turn away from the airport as an incoming rocket was heading for the plane.

The Fundamentalist Muslim organization Hamas, supported by the Jihad Islamic organization control Gaza. As with all the radical Islamic organizations in the region, their declared aim is to destroy Israel.

The Fundamentalists have managed to build a formidable military force in Gaza which is attacking Israel through about 100 underground tunnels which run from the living rooms of houses in Gaza into the living rooms of houses in Israel. Their missiles are largely fired from people homes, from schools, mosques, playgrounds, hospitals and underground sites situated next to buildings housing large numbers of civilians.

Israel has tried to use pin point technology fire to attack just the tunnels or the rocket launchers and these pinpoint attacks themselves inevitably will kill anyone who is in the living room or other civilian area from where the rocket is launched.

The Hamas weaponry and attacks are so intertwined with the civilian population that it makes it almost impossible to get at them.

Of course if Israel had the same mentality as Syria it would be simple to win such a war in a few days by just wiping out two hundred thousand people as the Syrians have done.

Israel's case on the face of it should be strong and Israel should be allowed to defend itself. However as Israel is part of a nation that only has 13 million or just about one tenth of one per cent of the worlds population, it does not have much clout in the world.

The odd thing is that both Egypt and Saudi Arabia are also wary of Hamas and other fundamentalists in the area.

The chess pieces are lining up and the King and Queen on one side are represented by Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and on the other side by Hamas, Qatar, Iran, Syria and Turkey.

Interesting to see what will happen next.

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