Israel to use Jordanian Private Port of Aqaba

The Port of Aqaba has been privatized and its operation has been taken over by APM, a subsidiary of the Danish shipping giant MAERSK. The port is actually split into three separate ports - general cargo, containers and phosphates. Its total capacity is about 30 million tons of goods per year, compared to 20 million tons in the port of Ashdod and 24 million tons in Haifa port.

The Depth in the Red Sea port allows Jordan to receive ships of up to eighteen thousand containers. Israeli ports can only receive ships with a capacity of up to ten thousand  containers.

The Port of Aqaba is particularly relevant for export to the Far East and Asia, as it saves precious passage through the Suez Canal. Aqaba port has other important advantages: the first is the price. Companies are willing to ship Israeli containers to the Far East for $ 150 per container, compared to $450 to $500 per container charged by Israeli ports to those destinations. The second advantage is the reliability of the service as it is not unpredictable as often happens in Israel due to disputes , and the third - the possibility to export goods through the port to Arab countries in general and the Gulf states in particular.

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