General spheres of activity


Representation and joint activity with the Manufacturers' Association for the advancement of the gamut of issues that aid the industry


Initiation and promotion of aid programs to industry


Publication and dissemination of information from and to the plants


Improving the kibbutz industry's reputation by publishing activity, lobbying, tours with decision and policy makers, participation in conferences and events


Introduction of the kibbutz industry to government figures – ministers, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, investments center, the Export Institute, the Industrial Cooperation Authority (ICA), the Chief Scientist, etc.


Advancement of small kibbutz businesses via training, seminars and consultation


Activity and involvement in the community (Economic Business Division)


Representation at the Investments Center, assistance to businesses in problems of approval of plans and confirmation of implementation of programs


Development and distribution of Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry programs for industry, business mentoring, marketing promotion, design, spark of innovation, etc.


Relations with investors interested in being partners in kibbutz businesses (Technological Division)

Representation and activity at the Standards Institute, on standardization committees and the Executive Committee, including the appointment of representatives to the various committees


Representation of kibbutz industries in the fields of R & D at the Chief Scientist's bureau at the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry


Development of assistance programs in R & D for traditional industry


Representation of kibbutz industries at the Israeli Industry Center for R & D ("MATIMOP"), which engages in cooperation in research & development with the European Union


Handling of environmental quality and energy problems


Promotion of technological innovation – sales volume of the kibbutz industry is nis 40 Billion, 17% of which is in regional businesses. Export constitutes over 50% of the proceeds.


The kibbutz industries employ 40,000 workers in Israel. Approximately 30% of them are kibbutz members. The primary activity is concentrated in the three largest branches: plastics and rubber, food and beverages, metal and machinery.


In recent years the kibbutz industries' production and marketing activity overseas has been steadily expanding. This is done through the establishment of factories and production lines in the target countries, as well as by the acquisition of companies abroad. Approximately 80 companies conduct production activity abroad on a scale of more than NIS 6 billion. Export and overseas activity has been the kibbutz industries' main growth engine in recent years. The kibbutz industries' primary target markets are Europe and North America.


Kibbutz population constitutes less than 2% of the State of Israel's population, yet the kibbutz industries' output constitutes approximately 10% of Israeli industrial output (excluding diamonds). The kibbutz industries' plastics and rubber branch comprises more than 60% of the entire output for this branch in Israeli industry.

Approximately 70% of kibbutz industry activity is located in the periphery, 42% in Development Area A and more than 25% in Development Area B.


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