Kibbutz Movement Turning to Hi-Tech With Road Show /
The Rod Show will be held on Thursday, March 12.

Kibbutz Ashdot Yaacov


The kibbutz movement in Israel has decided to get into the hi-tech business and plan a Match 12 road show with the goal of investing tens of millions of dollars in startup companies.

Investment preference will be given to startups willing to move their operations into the kibbutzim, a Kibbutz movement press release stated. They seek particularly companies exploring advanced agriculture, cleantech, and meditech.

Some of the largest enterprises of the kibbutz industry began decades ago as member-initiated startups, or through buying an idea, turning into international companies with hundreds of employees.

The Kibbutz Industries Association, which leads the project, has pooled about 70 kibbutzim wishing to consider investments in hi-tech. Some currently have no industry at all, while others want to expand their areas of operation.

The Rod Show will be held on Thursday, March 12.


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